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E-Star HiPerForm®



E-Star® Refrigeration Units – Specifically Designed for Cooling Milk

Mueller E-Star refrigeration units are specifically designed to handle the large temperature changes required to cool milk. They have a true refrigeration compressor rather than an air conditioning compressor that has been adapted for dairy use.

A variety of upgraded features including a Copeland® scroll compressor, a variable-speed fan, rifled tubing, and a sub-cooling coil makes Mueller refrigeration units the most energy-efficient and cost effective refrigeration system available for the dairy industry.

The units have also been designed for easy service. Electrical controls and valves are located for easy access. There’s even an oil sight glass and fill port that allow you to change refrigerant oil to meet future HFC requirements.

Mueller refrigeration units outperform all other milk-cooling units in terms of reliability, efficiency, and value. It’s what you’d expect fromThe Milk Cooling Systems SpecialistsTM.

Additional information

E-Star HiPerForm® Refrigeration Unit

The proprietary technology of the E-Star HiPerForm refrigeration system makes it the most energy-efficient milk cooling system in the world. The HiPerForm features a proprietary subcooling valve designed to flood the entire milk cooler evaporator with subcooled liquid refrigerant. This process maximizes efficiency by utilizing the entire evaporator surface for cooling and eliminating the inefficient superheated vapor refrigerant found in conventional refrigeration systems.

Additionally, the HiPerForm refrigeration system enables the compressor to operate at significantly cooler temperatures for longer compressor life, less maintenance, less energy consumption, and incomparable refrigeration efficiency. The HiPerForm is the most cost-effective way to cool milk with a scroll refrigeration unit. The Mueller E-Star HiPerForm outperforms all other milk cooling units in terms of reliability, efficiency, and value.

Features and Benefits

Most Energy Efficient System in the World
Proprietary subcooling valve completely floods milk cooler evaporator for maximum operating efficiency.
Copeland® Scroll Compressor Design
A refrigeration compressor designed to handle the large temperature changes required to cool milk. Scroll technology is more energy efficient and has less moving parts than reciprocating compressors.
Maximum Evaporator Efficiency
Condenser subcooling coil maintains liquid refrigerant, ensuring maximum evaporator efficiency.
Enhanced Heat Transfer Surface
Enlarged tube-and-fin condenser with rifled tubing results in greater refrigeration capacity and efficiency.
Suction Line Accumulator Heat Exchanger
Increases system efficiency and protects compressor during low load conditions.
Longer Compressor Life
Screw terminals versus push-on terminals, which provide positive electrical connections and reduces compressor failure.
Single, Variable-Speed Fan with High-Efficiency Motor
Maintains an even air flow to increase capacity and efficiency of the compressor.
Greater Serviceability
Electrical compartment located in the upper front portion of the unit permits easy access.
Alternate Refrigerants
HiPerForm is available for use with conventional HCFC-22 or environmentally friendly HFC-507. Specify refrigerant type at the time of order.
Oil Sight Glass and Fill Port
Allows refrigerant oil to be easily changed for future HFC refrigerant requirements.
Rust-Resistant Brass High- and Low-Side Valves
Located in front of the unit for easy access without removing the cover.
Galvanized Three-Piece Cover
Heavy-duty metal encloses and protects the unit for safe operation while three-piece construction provides easy access.
Quality Assured
Meets worldwide standards such as CSA and CE.