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Mueller Fre-Heater®

The Mueller Fre-HeaterA’ consists of a heavy duty, glass-lined inner vessel, surrounded by a stainless steel heat transfer surface and covered with two inches of foam insulation to retain the generated heat within the vessel. The outer vessel of the Mueller Fre-Heater® is manufactured in high quality stainless steel for corrosion protection and appearance. The temperature of the hot water in the Fre-Heaterill depends on the size of the condensing units and cooling time. Under normal circumstances the Fre Heater® will provide hot water at a temperature of 350e up to 50oe, depending on the type of condensing unit and the cooling time. Since there are no moving parts within the system, it makes the Mueller Fre-Heater® especially reliable and maintenance free.



Hot water – almost for free Adding a Mueller Fre-Heater® to your milk cooling system will drastically reduce your costs of heating water. The Mueller Fre-Heaterill> recovers the wasted heat given off from your milk cooler’s condensing units during the milk cooling process and uses it to heat water you can effectively use for cleaning your milking equipment, milk cooling tank and udder preparation resulting in a reduction in your operating costs and improving your profitability.
Make the Mueller Fre-Heater® part of your milk cooling system.